By the end of 2022, 27 trainees have obtained a diploma from the University of Lausanne with 60 ECTS credits. Twelve trainees received a fellowship from the South African  Medical Research Council, 7 trainees were supported by the Eastern Africa Consortium for Clinical Research, and 2 trainees received a fellowship from two Swiss philanthropic foundations.

Name Country Thesis title Publication
Benjamin Watyaba Uganda Knowledge and reporting of adverse events following childhood immunization among health workers and caregivers at Mengo Hospital, Kampala.
Nasimu Kyakuwa Uganda Determinants and level of COVID-19 vaccine uptake among healthcare workers in Entebe municipality, Wakiso district.
One Bridget Dintwe South Africa Achieving Intracellular Cytokine staining assay concordance on two continents to assess HIV vaccine-induced T-cell responses. J. Leukocyte Biol.
Allan Baguma Uganda Effect of covid 19 pandemic and national lockdown on utilization of childhood immunization services at Kisenyi Health Centre IV health facility in Kampala
Asha Mary Thombrayil South Africa The Burden of Respiratory Disease Amongst Hospitalized Adults in Soweto, 2017-2019
Güliz Vanli Jaccard Switzerland The effects of COVID-19 vaccination and natural infection on preterm birth and spontaneous abortion – A systematic review and meta-analysis –
Lisa Jose South Africa Challenges associated with the enrolment into a paediatric vaccine trial in soweto, South Africa, during the COVID 19 pandemic
Violet Nakibuuka Uganda Prevalence and factors associated with human papillomavirus vaccination among adolescents girls aged 9 to 19 years living with HIVat Mulago ISS Clinic, Kampala, mUganda
Gerhardt Boukes South Africa Developing novel mucosal adjuvant formulations using chitosan as mucoadhesive for human and/or animal vaccines
Nivashnee Naicker South Africa Point-of-care evaluation of HPV vaccine types in women initiating antiretroviral treatment in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa
Angelica Gende Kenya Human papillomavirus vaccine hesitancy among females (9-14 years) in informal settlements of mathare, Nairobi county
Sutika Bhikha South Africa A systematic review of an online COVID-19 vaccine trial Pre-Screening tool, for the NVX2019NCOV501 Clinical trial, utilized at recruiting clinical sites in South Africa.