Learning objectives

IMVACC will allow you to:


  • Review and develop knowledge in immunology and microbiology.
  • Learn about the characteristics of registered vaccines, their mechanism of action and how they were developed.
  • Understand new trends and technologies in vaccine translational research.
  • Study the vaccine development process, from discovery to registration and launch.
  • Understand resistance to vaccine use, and current approaches to increase their acceptance.
  • Learn how vaccines are made available to populations at risk and how vaccine safety and efficacy is assessed in the field during the post-marketing phase.
  • Learn how projects are managed and how to work in a collaborative way using information technologies with a minimum of face-to-face contact.

Learning outcomes

At the end of IMVACC you will:

  • Be able to describe the contribution of vaccines to public health, to explain the specificities of preventive medicine, and the issues of vaccine acceptance.
  • Be able to discuss vaccine history, registered vaccines and how they are thought to work, and to explain the challenges that remain to be overcome to develop vaccines against the remaining targets of medical significance.
  • Be able to contribute efficiently to the strategic planning of a vaccine development project, either as a project leader or manager or as a team member. You will be able to design the key features of the development plan of a new or improved vaccine, including risk management and alternative plans.
  • Have experience in working with other people from various origins as a team and with a minimum of face to face contact.
  • Have developed your oral and written communication skills in the vaccine domain using the English language.
  • Know how to find information about vaccines to answer your own questions and to solve your own problems.
  • Have experience on how projects and their risks are managed to maximize the probability of success.
  • Be part of a network of professionals interested in vaccinology from all around the world.