Master thesis

Class 2020

Name Country Thesis title Publication
Benjamin Watyaba Uganda Knowledge and reporting of adverse events following childhood  immunization among health workers and caregivers at Mengo Hospital, Kampala.  –
Nasimu Kyakuwa Uganda Determinants and level of COVID-19 vaccine uptake among healthcare workers in Entebe municipality, Wakiso district.  –
One Bridget Dintwe South Africa Achieving Intracellular Cytokine staining assay concordance on two continents to assess HIV vaccine-induced T-cell responses J. Leukocyte Biol.

Class 2019

Four students of the class 2019 have completed their Master program and have received the diploma with 60 ETSC from the University of Lausanne.

Name Country Thesis title Publication
Vojislav Cvetkovic Austria A systematic review on adjuvants in inactivated swine, poultry, and fish vaccines  –
Duduzile Ndwandwe South Africa Using quality improvement approach to address missed opportunities for vaccination in OR Tambo district Eastern Cape Vaccine 2020, 8 705-713
Nobubelo Ngandu South Africa A proof-of-concept for a bioinformatics platform to track genetic diversity of transmitted-founder viruses and coverage by vaccine immunogens, in search for HIV-1 subtype C correlates of protection in Southern Africa.  –
Christoph Waehner Germany Mucosal immunity in the pig respiratory tract by immunization using inactivated Influenza antigen in combination with adjuvants and/or carriers – 

Class 2018

Three students of the class 2018 have the diploma with 60 ETSC from the University of Lausanne

Name Country Thesis title Publication
Mihaela Buzduga Switzerland Private practice pediatricians’ approach and strategies when confronted with vaccine hesitancy: a French-speaking Switzerland survey  –
Thandeka Khoza South Africa Preparation of a clinical batch of Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae bacterin  –
Tladi Ledibane South Africa Cost analysis of the school-based HPV vaccination programme in Tshwane Health District  –

Class 2016

All students of the class 2016 have successfully passed the defense exam and received their diploma with 60 ETSC from the University of Lausanne.

Name Country Thesis title Publication
Nicolas Peyraud Switzerland Potential use of microarray patches for vaccine delivery in low- and middle-incomes country Vaccine 2019, 37:4427-4434.
Luc Christian Gwom Cameroon Challenges and opportunities in introducing HPV vaccine in Cameroon and other African countries

Rodrigo Romero



Ten years of experience in Mexico in the acquisition of vaccines

Program on Immunization (EPI)

Bontle Motloung South Africa A cross sectional study into the expanded program on immunization vaccine (EPI) cold chain management among health care workers in the Eastern Cape province, 2019.