Group activities

A study question is proposed to all students who are divided into small groups. Each group is assigned a subset of the global task. Group members work individually and together to prepare a text document and/or a set of slides summarizing their findings and proposals to the other groups. All group members then work together and use the output of each group to prepare a consensus response to the study question as an executive text summary and set of slides. All the discussions will take place via the forum tool and using a word processor, spreadsheet and slide drafting software available on an online collaborative platform. Such a tool allows multiple people to work together on the same document seamlessly. The system keeps track of versions in the background so that no information is lost.

For example, an activity of module 3 on vaccine development is to assess the current vaccine against yellow feverin a product life cycle perspective, to define if it can be improved and, if yes, under which limitations and constraints. The different tasks are summarized in the linked page.